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Helicopter rescue costs are included!
Helicopter rescue costs are included!

The Alpine Club insurance

Members are insured world-wide

The Alpine Club insurance ("Alpine Club Worldwide Service") is included in the membership fee and covers:

  • Search and rescue costs up to € 25,000

  • Repatriation with no upper cost limit

  • Reimbursement of expenses due to hospitalisation after accidents occurring in the course of leisure activities or business as well as illness, up to € 10,000

  • Third party liability insurance within Europe for many sporting activities, up to € 3,000,000

  • Legal expenses insurance within Europe for many sporting activities, up to € 35,000



Alpine Club Worldwide Service
Edition 2017/2018

Claim forms:

Claim form for rescue costs, costs for repatriation and medical treatment

Notification of claim under legal expenses insurance

Notification of claim under third party liability insurance