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Beers and Mountains

Mountaineering in a nutshell

The Alpenverein Melbourne is a group within the Section Innsbruck which is a member of the Austrian Alpine Club. In order to join the Alpenverein Melbourne, you'll join the Section Innsbruck as a full member. 

  • That means you have access to their full tour program and get reduced fees when staying in alpine club huts in Europe
  • You'll be covered by Worldwide Alpine Insurance. including SAR, limited medical and unlimited repatriation. The SAR insurance is also valid in Australia
  • Of course you also get access to all local activities of the Alpenverein Melbourne which includes snow trips to the High Country, hiking, rock climbing and overseas trips.
  • The club offers you a gateway into mountaineering and high altitude climbing. 
  • The Alpenverein Melbourne is representing you with local clubs and organisations:
    We're an associate club of Bushwalking Victoria 
    We joined other club to found the Victorian Climbing Federation / Mountain Activities Victoria
    We are part of the Climbing Round Table with Parks Victoria

How to Join

That's easy! Click on Mitglied Werden, hit the Union Jack in the upper right corner and then follow the english instructions. Welcome to the club! Just to be save also send us an email with your new membership number and we'll add you to the email list: join@alpenverein.melbourne

I am already a member of the Section Innsbruck

Your membership number starts with 608? Sweet! Just send us an email with your membership number and we'll add you to the email list: join@alpenverein.melbourne


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