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Founded in 2018 the Alpenverein Melbourne / Alpine Club Melbourne is a local chapter of the Austrian Alpine Club which has been around since 1862 and has well over half a million members across the globe. 

Here in Melbourne we are a small all-generations adventure club with a strong focus on all alpine activities. Our purpose is to promote and maintain mountaineering, alpine sports and hiking, to preserve the beauty and originality of the mountains, to expand and spread knowledge about the mountains and their environment and thus to cultivate the love of the land as well as to promote science and research in these areas.

Sustainability and environmental protection are deeply embedded in our club's DNA to preserve the alpine areas which we all love.

We are providing an Alpine Home to those who want to go on any kind of adventure no matter how small or big. From the slopes of Yarra Ranges to the heights of the Himalayas.   

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Alpenverein Melbourne Incorporated
Alpine Club Melbourne
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