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International Climbers Meeting Peilstein – June 18-20, 2020 (International Climbers Meeting Peilstein )

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International Climbers Meeting Peilstein – June 18-20, 2020

Climb Meet Chill

Over the years, Vienna has transformed into an increasingly international city, with expats and international students arriving, living and spending their spare time in and around Vienna – quite a few of them climbing. At the same time, the Viennese climbing areas have become major hunting grounds from neighboring Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian climbers.

The Gebirgsverein welcomes this development and would like to invite both new and experienced international climbers to meet up and climb together during an informal climbers meeting at Peilstein. We hope to give participants the opportunity to gain new perspectives on local climbing areas, find newclimbing partners and socialize with an after-climb drink.

Peilstein is the traditional Viennese crag and has been climbed on since 1880. All phases of climbing history are represented here, and nearly all Viennese climbers left their mark – including Gustav Jahn, Hubert Peterka, Fritz Kasparek, through to James Skone, Felix Kromer, Kurt Schall and Athur Kubista to name a few. A herculean effort led by Ewald Gauster contributed to Peilstein now being a modern sports crag with some 800 routes of grades I to XI (and close to 1500 climbs if you include neighboring areas which can be reached on foot, like Thalhofergrat and Arnstein).

The proposed meeting is aimed at competent and self-sufficient climbers of all grades and ages. No guiding services are offered.

Draft Programme:

June 18th

· Climb & Chill

· 4-7 pm Registration desk open

· 7pm, Opening & Information exchange at Peilsteinhaus

June 19th

· Climb & Chill

· 8 pm, James Skone (presenter): Transcending Climbing Cultures

June 20th

· Climb & Chill (what else)

Registration and accommodation:

For planning purposes, registration is necessary and will be through an online form also including accommodation options. Registered climbers are eligible for a free drink at Peilsteinhaus. 3 types of accommodation are available:

· Peilsteinhaus: bunk beds (20€/30€ per night including breakfast)

· Peilsteinhaus: ‘roofed bivy’ – mat and sleeping bag necessary (14€/24€ per night including breakfast)

· Peilsteinhaus: fixed tent accommodation - mat and sleeping bag necessary (14€/24€ per night including breakfast)

Please note that individual camping is not available. Prizes: Member/non Member.

Please register and document your accommodation wishes here: Registration


Participation is free other than accommodation & reservation costs.

For updated information, especially in times of CoVid19, please consult facebook and this website.

Thomas Jekel * James Oakes * Ulli Fechter * Andreas Ranet * James Skone


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