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Climate Crisis

carbon footprints - left foot is dead plants - right foot is green plants

In 2019 the AAC(UK) decided that we should be doing more to help tackle the Climate Crisis. The general public, which includes members of the AAC(UK), are waking up to the fact that our planet is in trouble and it’s our fault. We don’t want to be too prescriptive so instead we’ll be providing information to encourage lots of people to make small changes which, when added together, will make a bigger change.

ÖAV Nature & Environment Protection


As the "advocate of the Alps" , the Alpine Association has fought for a say in Alpine spatial planning and has established itself as the ecological conscience in Alpine environmental issues. He is the sponsor and partner of alpine national parks and other protected areas. Dedicated members can lend a hand on environmental construction sites and mountain forest projects

For more information, click the below button and you will be redirected you to the Nature & Environment Policy on the Österreich Alpenverein's (ÖAV) website.




Help Track Alpine Biodiversity!

After a successful pilot in 2015 the Alpenverein is now rolling out its project – Vielfalt bewegt! Alpenverein to all its members. The main idea is to gather observations of 17 key species above the tree-line in Austria.

Information on the web is currently only available in German: see Help track biodiversity. You can obtain information from the project leader, Birgit Kantner, (in English or German), or from Tony Cooper.


Alpine Flowers

Mossy Saxifrageright © Allan-Hartley
Mossy Saxifrageright © Allan-Hartley

Do you have a passion for Alpine Flowers? See our Alpine Flower Photo Gallary for flower descriptions, latin names and found locations written by our former President, Allan Hartley, for publication in the AAC(UK) Newsletter.



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