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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs))

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How do I renew my membership?
Current AAC(UK) members and recent members (ie. those with membership in any of the following years 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021) need to register for a My.Britannia account. Once this is done you can then renew your membership through My.Britannia. Please do not join as a new member.

Why does my renewal seem different?
The AAC(UK) has now joined other sections of the Österreichischer Alpenverein (ÖAV) to use the ÖAV’s central membership system. This brings us significant benefits.

Benefits for members:

  • No need to re-enter all your data when renewing
  • View and edit your own personal data online.
  • Faster membership – you become a member at midnight Central European Time on the day you apply online. No need to wait for the office to process your application.
  • Immediate access to temporary and digital membership cards, which are widely accepted by Alpine huts and rescue services – no need to wait for the membership card to be posted.
  • Future development of additional online services from the Alpenverein.

Benefits for AAC(UK):

  • Reduced administration costs.
  • More resilient IT support.
  • Able to share in IT developments across the Alpenverein.

How do I register for a My.Britannia account?
Go to the My.Britannia webpage to register your account. When you first register for My.Britannia, you will be asked to enter your name exactly as shown on your membership card*, along with your membership number and your date of birth. Your email address must not have been already registered by someone else.

If you are the “lead person” within your household, then using your “My.Britannia account” you can renew memberships within your household. If it becomes appropriate for someone else to become “lead person”, then contact the AAC(UK) Office. They can reassign the “lead person”.

Note: First name: If your membership card shows for example ‘Mr John Smith’ then enter ‘John’; If it shows ‘Mr John David Smith’ then enter ‘John David’. If you no longer have your card but have two first names, then enter the first name alone, then if that fails try with both. If you are still having problems then contact the Office.

I'm having troubles registering for a My.Britannia account.
Make sure you are registering with My.Britannia and not mein.alpenverein.

My email address is incorrect.
Enter the email used when applying as a New Member or the one listed on your existing record if renewing. Your email address must be unique. Check that no one else in your household has already registered using it. If the error continues, please contact the office.

I cannot add my membership number.
When adding membership numbers do not add the section reference 992- as it’s already present, just add the 6 digits that follow.

I haven’t received a confirmation email.
If your confirmation email does not appear in your inbox, please check your junk/spam folder as it may have been filtered there.

Where can I view your personal data, and renew your membership?
You can now view your own personal data and renew your membership online. To do this, you need your own personal “My.Britannia account”.

How do I join the AAC(UK)?
This is explained in detail in our Membership page.

What are the benefits of joining the AAC(UK)?
The Benefits page will tell you about the many benefits of membership.

Is AAC(UK) only for people living in the UK?
Not at all, the AAC(UK) has members from all over the world.

For how long does membership last?
You can apply for membership at any time of the year for that calendar year. There are no reductions for applying late in the year.

I am going on my trip really soon, how can I speed up processing of my application?
Membership is active instantly once we have received your application and payment. You will have instant access to a digital membership card(s) via your My.Britannia account. An active membership will allow you to access all the benefits with insurance from 00.01 CET, the day after you apply. For those applying in December for their 2022 memberships, insurance will commence at 00.01 CET on 1st January 2022. A physical follow up membership card will also be sent automatically to your home address.

How do I access the members-only information on the website?
Once you have established your My.Britannia account, as an active member you can access member-only information on the website. To access this information, login into your My.Britannia account using the “Login” button at the top of this page. Enter in your details and select 'Log In'. From there, click on the “AAC(UK) Homepage” button at the top of the page. You will then have access to the members-only parts of the website.

Why are meets deposits non-refundable in case of cancellation?
Many of our meets are very popular and places are filled very quickly. If meets deposits were refundable there would be nothing to deter members from booking places early on the off-chance that they might wish to attend, knowing that they can cancel at the last minute without it costing them anything.

Are there no circumstances when meets deposits might be refunded?
Yes, but only if the cancelled place can be filled by another member.

When are the alpine huts open? And how do I contact them? How do I book them?
Please see the Alpine Hut page.

What if my question is not in this list or any of the other lists available?
Please contact the office, and we will do our best to answer it.




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