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Networking with the other members (Get Involved)

Networking with the other members

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Did you know that AAC(UK) has thousands of members in the UK as well as hundreds in other individual countries, including Australia, Bulgaria, Finland, Ireland and the USA? This gives ample opportunity for members to network with each other. The Club wants to encourage this.

The Facebook Group is one way for members to network with each other; another is the WhatsApp groups that members set up in their local areas or for specific interests. Members can also set up new WhatsApp groups.

Both the Facebook group and the WhatsApp groups can be used to exchange ideas, share pictures and meet others for informal outdoor activities, such as walks, bike rides and climbing. The Facebook group is the best method if you want to contact other members, regardless of location, whereas WhatsApp groups may be better if you want to target members in your own area.

Activities organised by members through the Facebook group and WhatsApp groups count as Members’ Events Not Organised by the Club (MENOCs) – see MENOCs page.

What'sApp Groups

Which WhatsApp groups already exist and how can I join?

Local groups:

  • Gogledd Cymru/North Wales
  • North West (Lancs/Cheshire/Greater Manchester)
  • Peak District
  • South East London
  • Sussex

Please log in to My.Brtiannia to access contact details.


How do I set up a new WhatsApp group?

Any member of AAC(UK) is free to set up a WhatsApp group to network with other members. The Club will just keep a watching brief to avoid duplication.

It is up to you to decide what area you would like to cover, e.g. a particular town or city or a whole county. We suggest the following steps:

  1. Contact office@aacuk.org.uk to check that there isn’t already a group covering the same area or specialist interest.
  2. We can then send out a targeted email to members in specified postcodes using standard wording.
  3. You can also promote the group on the members’ Facebook page.

The best way to enable people to join is to share a link so that there is no need to ask individuals for their phone numbers.

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