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AAC(UK) Photo & Sketch Competition (Photo & Sketch Competition)

AAC(UK) Photo & Sketch Competition

The AAC(UK) runs an annual photography and sketch competition where members to submit photos taken and sketches created in the current year. The competition is open to all amateur photographers and artists who are current members in the year of the competition.

The categories are:

  • General (G)
  • Nature (N)
  • Typical Austria (TA)
  • Sketch or Painting (S)
person holding camera lense nature in the background
General Information
Formatting Entries
General Information

For the 2021 AAC(UK) Photo & Sketch Competition, all entrants are required to be 2021 members of the AAC(UK). It is intended that this competition is for amateur photographers only.

For this year’s competition images should have been taken in the calendar years 2019, 2020 or 2021. Images that have received an award in previous competitions are not eligible to be entered.

All entries should arrive at the Austrian Alpine Club Office by midnight on 28th February 2022.

Photographs and sketches submitted will be available for AAC(UK) use, e.g. in the Newsletter, on the website, or on social media.

The results will be published in the Autumn Newsletter together with images of the winners. They will also be published on the AAC(UK) website subject to the competition organiser’s and webmaster’s discretion.

A presentation of the entries will be made at the Annual General Meeting. In the event of a very large entry it may be necessary to restrict the number of images projected at the AGM.

Formatting Entries

Entry Rules

  1. All entrants must complete the Photo Competition Entry Form and return it along with their photos or artwork.
  2. Each entrant may enter a maximum of four images in the General category and two images in each of the other categories.
  3. No image may be entered in more than one section. This means that you cannot enter the same image with two different titles.
  4. Prints, paintings and sketches are all eligible. They should be no larger than A4 sized and unmounted.
  5. Digital photos sent by email or file sharing services are also eligible, but should not be embedded in proprietary software from imaging companies.
  6. Digital entries should be a high-resolution JPEG file (at least 1400 pixels on the long side). The file names should be in the following format:- category code(space)title(space)your initials.jpg.
  7. Sketches and paintings can be scanned and sent in digital format, but ensure it is a high-quality scan. If a high-quality scan is not possible, please send originals.
  8. For original prints and sketches, add your name, address and membership number, the title of the picture and the category entered on the back of the photograph or sketch. These will be returned after the judge has seen them.


Entries should be labelled as Category, Title of Entry, Initials, and File Type.


  • General (G)
  • Nature (N) - e.g. flora, fauna, weather and geology in its natural state with accurate names given to the subject. Animals in zoos and pets should not be entered in this category.
  • Typical Austria (TA)
  • Sketch or Painting (S)

E.g. Entries from Joe Blogs would be titled:

  • General category - G Dune Light JB.jpg
  • Nature category - N Starred Agama JB.jpg
  • Typical Austria - TA Heiligenblut Church JB.jpg
  • Sketch or Painting - S Mountain View JB.jpg

The Overall Winner Award will be selected from the winners of the four categories.

In the General Category there will be a General Category Winner, an award for the Best Mountain Landscape/Wild Country Image and an Award for the Best Portrait/People image.

In the Nature, Typical Austria and Sketch Categories there will be a Category Winner and Runner Up.

In all sections there will be Highly Commended and Commended Awards depending on the number and quality of the entries.

First Time Entrant Certificates will be awarded to the best images from first time entrants in any category.

Winners may be invited to be subsequent judges.

Previous Competitions & Results

2020 - Results

See the winning entries and read the Judge's Report from the 2020 Photo & Sketch Competition.

2020 Overall Winner 2020 – Balance – Santiago Jiménezzoom
2020 Overall Winner 2020 – Balance – Santiago Jiménez



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