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Activities (Events & Activities)


Actvities & Events Organised by the AAC(UK)

Club Events

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AAC(UK) members organise a wide and varied programme of activities for their fellow members, ranging from day walks through UK weekend meets to full weeks and longer at home and abroad.

Training Opportunities & Grants

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The AAC(UK) offers multiple different courses in the UK and in Austria to help develop or improve personal skills or train to be a leader.

Members are eligible for a training grant when attending these courses.

Photo & Sketch Competition

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Each year the AAC(UK) runs a photography and sketch competition where members are invited to submit photos taken and sketches created in the current year.


Member Organised Groups & Events

Outside of offical Club events, the Club offers members the opportunity to advertise certain events that they organise themselves that are unofficial Club events. They are not Club events and can take many forms, from informal gatherings in campsites to expeditions to remote areas.

These events are organised for members by members who are, for example, professional guides. They are not Club events and are run on a commercial basis. All correspondence and payments must be made through the organiser.

Did you know that AAC(UK) has thousands of members in the UK as well as hundreds in other individual countries, including Australia, Bulgaria, Finland, Ireland and the USA? This gives ample opportunity for members to network with each other. The Club wants to encourage this.

The Facebook group is one way for members to network with each other, but recently members have started to set up WhatsApp groups for members in their local areas or for specific interests.


Climbing, hill and country walking, hiking, scrambling, mountain biking, mountaineering, klettersteig and snow sports (and any other similar activities) (the “Activities”) organised by Austrian Alpine Club (UK) (“AAC(UK)”) are physically challenging and carry risks that AAC(UK) cannot entirely eliminate. These include the risk of personal injury or death. In taking part in the Activities you acknowledge and accept these risks, being responsible for your own actions, involvement, health condition and safety. All event participants must follow any safety warnings or instructions displayed or given to them by a leader or organiser (and ask a leader or organiser if anything is unclear). In the absence of any breach of duty by AAC(UK), participation in the Activities is entirely at participants’ own risk.




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