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Company Information & Club Management (Company Information)

Company Information & Club Management

Company Information

All AAC(UK) members are subject to the AAC(UK) Articles of Association and Bye-Laws. These show modest changes made at the EGM held on 6 Nov 2021.

In addition there are Standing Orders which were updated by the Directors in October 2020.

Please see our Privacy Notice and Safeguarding and Inclusion Policy and Practice.

Please sign in to My.Britannia to access AGM Reports, Financial Statements and other information.

Club Management

The Club is run by a Board of Directors and four committees. The Board consists of up to 15 elected members. These members are all volunteers, and the Directors are elected at our Annual General Meetings: members are invited to apply for Directorship at any time. The Board is responsible for formulating and implementing club policy together with overall club management in accordance with the Articles of Association, Bye-Laws, and Standing Orders. The Club has an independent monitoring officer (our Reporting Accountant) who is able to scrutinise and report on Club management.

The Club is part of the Österreichischer Alpenverein which plays a part in its overall management.

The Director’s nomination form for election as a Director of AAC(UK) Ltd can be found below. Forms are welcome at any time.

The day to day operation of the club is undertaken from the Club office:

Unit 43, Glenmore Business Park, Holton Heath
Blackhill Road, Poole
Dorset BH16 6NL
United Kingdom

Tel: (+44) (0)1929 556 870 or email aac.office@aacuk.org.uk

Criteria for election to the Board

All current Club members are eligible for election to the Board. There are some exceptions: those very few who have already served their maximum permitted term, on the Board, and those in membership category KD-JG are disbarred. Club membership is the only criterion, plus a willingness to help.




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