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Alpine Huts, Reciprocal Hut Rights & The George Starkey Hut (Alpine Huts)

Alpine Huts, Reciprocal Hut Rights & The George Starkey Hut

Alpine Huts in Austria

Members are entitled to a reduction in bed charges up to €10 per night in all huts in Austria belonging to the ÖAV (Austrian Alpine Club) and DAV (German Alpine Club), with reductions in other huts belonging to members of the Association of Alpine Clubs of Austria (VAVÖ) plus over 70 private guesthouses and hostels.

For individuals wishing to make a donation towards the Hut Fund, please see our Hut Fund page for more information.

Siegerland Hut by Allan Hartley

Corona measures from April 16, 2022

Aktuelle Hüttenordung - Current Hut Regulations as per ÖAV Covid-19 measures and recommendations

ENG Translation:

From now on, the current hut and tariff regulations apply to Alpine Club huts in Austria, so we are returning to the corresponding regular operation.

This means:

  • the exclusive pre-reservation obligation for overnight stays does not apply
  • you don't have to bring your own pillowcases or warmer sleeping bags (the hut sleeping bag is completely sufficient again)
  • Blankets may be handed out again since last autumn
  • As before, we also refer to the current applicable government regulations, which are www.sichere-gastfreundschaft.at.

The current federal ordinance can be found here: current ordinance

(Please note that the citations are a simplified representation of the main points and an approximate translation of the Alpenverein's website.)

If you are new to “mountain huts” (particularly in Austria), then think “mountain inn situated above the valley” and not “garden shed”! Most are substantial buildings, not least to withstand the rigours of winter, and might sleep from 20 to 200 people.

The huts are open for a summer season, and often for a winter one as well. At these times they are staffed: it could be a team of up to 15 people.

Alpenverein Hut Opening times for Winter 2021/22

Alpenverein Hut Opening times for Summer 2022

In Austria, each Alpenverein hut is owned by a section of the ÖAV or DAV, to whom your overnight fee is forwarded. The owning section is responsible for structural maintenance. Hut guardians or Hüttenwirte and/or Hüttenwirtinnen are tenants of the owning section, and staff the hut. They get the income from the food and drink as supplied to day and overnight visitors, but some of this income then goes to the hut owning section as rent.

Recent assessment of Austrian Alpine Huts by the ÖAV.

The link to Austrian Alpine Huts takes you to the ‘Alpenvereinshüttenfinder’ that covers over a 1000 huts in the Eastern Alps, belonging to Alpine Associations and private owners. Above the map filling most of the page are four search boxes. Two of the boxes have drop down lists: for a wider overview select from ‘Region’ and for a single mountain range select from ‘Gebirgsgruppe’. The location of all the mountain huts in the selected area will be shown on the map, and listed, with a link to the individual hut page, on the left hand side.

FREE Hut Map for members, just pay postage! The 1:500,000 map locates and names all the huts in Austria, gives contact details and elevations, and shows whether they are accessible by ski, foot, bike etc! Available in our online shop.

Hut Footwear

Mountain boots are generally not worn inside huts beyond the ‘day visitors’ areas and should be removed before going to the sleeping areas. If you are lucky you might find that some light hut shoes of doubtful cleanliness are available for your use, but many hut users prefer to carry their own light weight hut slippers. The alternative is stockinged feet. It is probably not a good idea to leave your own hut shoes on the ‘public’ boot rack when you go outside!

Food and Drink

In Category 1 and 2 huts in Austria at least one ‘Bergsteigeressen‘ (mountaineers meal) will be offered to members at a reduction of at least 10%, and in any case it must not cost more than €9. The Bergsteigeressen will be identified on the menu.

There must be an alcohol free drink offered at a price at least 40% less than the same quantity of beer.

Only members have the right to buy Teewasser (hot water for making drinks) for €3/litre (including 2 cups).

Providing your own food is not allowed. An exception may be made for members and those with reciprocal rights, in a designated dining area where there is a charge of €2.50 for day guests and €5/night for overnight guests. Children and young people up to 18 years of age are exempt. The consumption of self-supplied alcoholic drinks is not normally permitted


Since the advent of solar cells, electronic converters and low energy lamps, gas and oil lighting is becoming a thing of the past. However, although some huts are connected to the mains electricity supply and some generate their own (limited) supply, you cannot depend on supplies for things like electric shavers. Huts often switch off their lighting supply at night so you need a torch to find your way around at night.


Some of the lower huts are connected to the mains water supply and have plentiful supplies of hot and cold water. However this is the exception rather than the rule and often you have to be content with a wash in really cold water.

Some huts, particularly the higher ones or those in limestone areas, have very limited supplies of water. Sometimes the washrooms are only open first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. You should make every effort to conserve water and limit the use of soap for environmental reasons. Sinks sometimes lack plugs: carrying your own (universal or 1.75 inch) may be worthwhile.

However, some huts have hot showers and it is customary to charge €2-3 for these.


Please do not leave rubbish in the huts or on the mountainside. If you carried it up, you can take it down again.

Reciprocal Hut Rights (Gegenrecht)

Reciprocal Rights Logo

Translated from ‘Gegenrechtsabkommen’ as at 05/11/2015 – the German version is definitive.

Through an International Reciprocal Rights Agreement, members of the ÖAV enjoy the same benefits in the huts of the mountaineering federations of some other countries, as the members of those federations.

The benefits members enjoy over non-members include reduced overnight fees. In return the same benefits are granted in the ÖAV huts to members of the other federations.

In order to obtain reciprocal rights, members must produce a valid membership card for their federation, with the Gegenrecht Logo. This logo is printed on both the digital card and on the back of the physical membership card.


This reciprocal rights agreement is between the following European federations:

  • Deutscher Alpenverein (DAV)
  • Österreichischer Alpenverein (ÖAV)
  • Alpenverein Südtirol (AVS)
  • Schweizer Alpenclub (SAC)
  • Club Alpino Italiano (CAI)
  • Club Alpin Français (CAF)
  • Federación Española Deportes de Montaña y Escalada FEDME (Spanish Federation of Mountaineering Associations)
  • Liechtensteiner Alpenverein
  • Slowenische Bergsteigervereinigung
  • Akademische Alpenclubs der Schweiz
  • Club Alpin Belge (Belgian French speakers)
  • Klim – und Bergsportfederatie KBF (Belgian Flemish speakers)
  • Groupe Alpin Luxembourgeouis
  • Dansk Bjergklub
  • Federazione Alpinistica Ticinese FAT (Schweiz)
  • Nederlandse Klim- en Bergsportvereniging NKBV

In addition to the Österreichischer Alpenverein (ÖAV), within Austria there are also the following mountaineering associations that are not party to the international reciprocal rights agreement. They belong to the Verband Alpiner Vereine Österreichs (VAVÖ).

  • Naturfreunde Österreich
  • Österreichischer Touristenklub
  • Österreichische Bergsteigervereinigung
  • Alpine Gesellschaft Haller
  • Alpine Gesellschaft Krummholz
  • Österreichischer Alpenklub
  • Akademische Alpenklub Innsbruck
  • Alpine Gesellschaft Preintaler

On production of a valid membership card in the huts of these associations, members of the ÖAV and DAV will automatically be given reciprocal rights and with this the reduced overnight rates.

The George Starkey Hut

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The George Starkey Hut is located at the foot of Helvellyn in Patterdale in the Lake District and offers a good venue & good value for AAC(UK) members.

George Starkey Hut

Please sign in the My.Britannia for access to further booking information.

Originally the Patterdale village hall, converted and operated by the Association of British Members of the Swiss Alpine Club and the Alpine Club stands beside the A592 Glenridding road.Easy to access from the M6 via Penrith or via Windermere over the Kirkstone Pass, it is ideal as a base for the eastern Lake District fells.

As a base for the fells of eastern Lakeland it is ideal – easy to access from the M6 via Penrith or via Windermere over the Kirkstone Pass, newly refurbished with well-equipped kitchen and hot showers, good drying room, and a superb fire in winter all-inclusive.

Be on the hillsin minutes – the Helvellyn range, Fairfield and the Dodds, Place Fell and High Street surround the hut. Rock climbing locally at Castle Rock and Raven Crag in Thirlmere, Dove Crag in Dovedale, Scrubby Crag in Deepdale and Gowbarrow by Ullswater. Easy access to Langdale and Dow Crag in the South West and Borrowdale to the North West. Mountain biking from the front door; canoeing and sailing on Ullswater and pony trekking nearby.

Local shops and pubs up the road in Patterdale and down the road in Glenridding, for supplies, good meals and beer – and there are summertime teas at Side Farm behind the Hut.

Sleeping up to 20 in 2 bedrooms, the hut often has spare capacity over summer weekends & mid-week throughout the year. From autumn to spring it is very popular with other groups at weekends, but if not booked exclusively and/or by youth groups there is often spare space.

The newly enlarged kitchen is well-equipped with gas and electric cooking, fridge, microwaves, toasters and boiling water on tap for hot drinks. Separate men’s and women’s washrooms with electric showers plus background heating in Bedrooms.

There is a good drying room, and on cold winter evenings stoke up the fire and sink into the sofa. Please follow all the hut rules about cleaning and switching off before you leave the hut, or make arrangements with any other group that is leaving later.

George Starkey Hut
George Starkey Hut
George Starkey Hut



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