English Speakers_Übungsleiter Snowshoe Hiking - Well trained and fit through the winter scenery (19-0049-01)

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English Speakers_Übungsleiter Snowshoe Hiking

  • Führen & Leiten - Übungsleiter - Schneeschuhwandern
  • Well trained and fit through the winter scenery
  • Veranstalter: Zentralstelle Akademie
  • abgelaufen
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You learn about important precepts for guiding snowshoe groups and for hiking through the winter scenery. The proper handling of the avalanche safety equipment as well as the application of the "Stop or Go ©" strategy should not be missing in this training. Technical elements such as traversing or downhill slides complete the training content and supports you with everything you need for your tour.

The area is covered by AV-Map >31/3 Brennerberge, Ski<, available from leo.wurzer@alpenverein.at, or from the AAC(UK) Office.



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