Improvers Ski Hochtouring Training - Stubaital (BSE20WK07)

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Improvers Ski Hochtouring Training

  • Basis & Training Sektionen - Ausbildungskurse der Sektionen - Skihochtour Aufbaukurs
  • Stubaital
  • Veranstalter: WELTbewegend Erlebnisreisen
  • abgelaufen
Bild zu BSE20WK07: Improvers Ski Hochtouring Training

For experienced ski tourers, this course provides an opportunity to improve your techniques and skills on glaciated terrain and your ability to organise independent ski tours. Leaving the skis at ski depots we ascend as appropriate to prevailing conditions and terrain with crampons and/or ice axe and if necessary with rope security. There will be emphasis on mountain safety, avalanche awareness, glacier training and rescue techniques.

The following is a typical schedule with the guide fine tuning the plan according to the prevailing weather conditions and the experience of the group:

DAY 1: Arrive in Austria, welcome at Franz Senn Hütte. After dinner: review of the activities for the week.

DAY 2: Training tour refreshing technique for walking uphill, downhill, traverse, switchback, learning about elements of the avalanche status report (LLB) and its interpretation, repeating the use of avalanche emergency equipment, navigation on tour (map). Reflections on the day.

DAY 3 - 5: Training ski tours encouraging independent decision-finding and implementation on tour including estimation of the terrain, lane setting, navigation with map, outdoor watch with compass and altimeter, smartphone with ""-App. Stop or go and emergency avalanche on tour (current evaluation and exercises, group searching, simple and complex searching scenarios, multiple burying). Improving shovel technique, first aid, emergency call, bivouac sack, ascent and descent on the rope. Crevasse rescuing: techniques of rescuing partner and self (Münchhausen), rope technique and securing in the ice (screws) and on easy ridges and firn. Improving skiing technique, Group dynamics in the mountain. Reflections on the day.

DAY 6: Final ski tour. Reflections on the day.

DAY 7: Farewell after breakfast

In the evenings there will be theoretical units on safety issues: weather, Stop or Go, emergency avalanche, navigation,

Photocredit: Csaba Szepfalusi

Webcode: BSE20WK07