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Eiskletterkurs 2020

24.01.2020 - 26.01.2020 in Heiligenblut

 Alpinteam - Eisklettern (Ausbildungskurs)

Kursleitung: Gerhard Presser


 Learning the physics of iceclimbing

The ice climbing course was my first Villach Alpenverein class and what an awesome experience it was in terms of the instructor Gerhard, the techniques of ice climbing, and all the fun we had.
We started by learning how to use ice climbing crampons and axes, how to place ice screws, and make abalakov anchors. Then we progressed into top roping, then top roping while making ice screw placements, and finally even lead climbing a beginner-friendly pitch.

I always thought ice climbing was the apex of mountain sports, and you discover it totally is—when you’re falling off the icefall with 28 sharp knives strapped to your feet and 2 sharp knives tightly clutched in your hands - because let’s be honest, your everyday rockclimbing was getting kind of boring.

But don’t worry, you’re on top rope and your instructor does everything possible to keep you safe.

The crux of the climber’s day was only at the beginning — getting out of bed.

Text: Ze Scales  (dear Ze, thank you for your impressions! Liebe Ze, Danke für deinen Kurzbericht!)
Fotos:  2020 © Gerhard Presser

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