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Bergwetter Salzburg

Donnerstag, 20.06.2019
In den Mittagsstunden bilden sich zahlreiche Quellwolken, aus denen sich in Folge Gewitter entladen werden. Bei Gewittern kann starker Wind auffrischen. In 2000 m betragen die Temperaturen um 14 Grad, in 3000 m um 5 Grad.

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Who/which is the austrian alpine association?

Description of the Austrian Alpine Association:


The Oesterreichischer Alpenverein (OeAV) has 195 sections one is the Oesterreichische Alpenverin Section Rauris and one is the Austrian Alpine Club in UK. Probably best translated as the Austrian Alpine Association.

The OeAV was founded in 1862 with the aim of encouraging the growth of mountaineering and to support the life and culture of mountain people.

Today the OeAV has over 330.000 members whose interests encompass all forms of mountaineering sport. Its services include waymarking and maintaining footpaths, building, maintaining and modernising mountain huts, producing maps, guidebooks and magazines, assisting with conservation schemes and scientific research, aiding the now independent rescue service with manpower and equipment, encouraging safety in the mountains, organising tours and courses through its mountaineering school and promoting expeditions.

MEMBER at an other Club (zB Great Britain) and in Rauris:

Category C - Euro 16,-: People have the main-membership and the insurance-cover at an other section (zB Großbritannien) and with the C-membership they are authorized at the arrangement/programm at an other section (zB Rauris) participate (take part). You find more information under Membership.


The comittee of the section Rauris:

 1. Chairwoman/Office: Gerlinde Eidenhammer, Mail: alpenverein@rauris.net

 2. Chairman/Way responsible person: Christian Gerstgraser

 Finance responsible person: Eunike Wanke-Embacher and Martina Riess

 Secretary/Members-Administration: Martina Riess, Mail: martina_riess@hotmail.com

 Alpine Huts-administration/huts responsible person: Edi Filzer

 Nature and environmental protection responsible person: Norbert Daxbacher

 Mountain rescue-service responsible person: Ludwig Rasser

 Seniors responsible person: Gerlinde Eidenhammer


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