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Information about membership fees (Membership-Fees)

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Information about membership fees


 Annual fee for 2018 (calendar year):                                                               
  € 57.00*

You may be able to apply for membership at a reduced fee:

Annual fee (calendar year) when any of the following conditions apply:

 If you are the spouse/life partner of a club member
(It's required that all members of the family belong to the same section.)
€ 44.00*
 If you are a child or a minor 0 to 18 years of age€ 24.00*
 If you are a junior 19 to 27 years old€ 44.00*
 If you are a senior 65 years or older€ 44.00*

*) The membership prices given here are the simple, basic fees.

For countries outside Austria an additional charge may be levied.
Club sections with business offices open the whole day and more extensive services on offer may charge a slightly higher membership rate.

If you wish to cancel your membership, you must notify the Austrian Alpine Club of this by the latest 31st October of the preceding year.

Free membership is available for the following:

For children or Young adults up to 27 years old, if both parents are Alpine Club members, membership with full insurance protection is free. This also applies to children with a single parent or guardian.
All members of the family involved must belong to the same section of the Alpine Club.
This free membership will no longer be available if the member (junior/student) marries or enters into a similar committed relationship.